Footing Replacement

Destination Decks is the industry leader in footing replacement. Replacement is necessary when the existing footing is heaving, sinking, cracking, or improperly installed. Any of these factors can handicap the integrity of your deck, porch, pergola, or fence foundation!

Heres How it works:

Why Helical Piers?

Helical piers are primarily used in heavy commercial work, but they’re also well-suited for backyard decks, additions, and foundation repairs.

The reason the existing concrete, diamond pier, or similar pre-cast footing is failing is due to one of two reasons: improper installation, or unequipped soil conditions. For these reasons certified installers and screw piles have a huge advantage over concrete: they allow you to reach the ground level that offers the best stability.

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In addition they are more precise than concrete, ensuring a perfectly level foundation. With different types of tubes, helices, end caps, piles heads and hundreds of accessories, our screw piles are designed to support many projects, terrains, and weather conditions. 

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Meet our certified Installers:

For more information on footing replacements, or questions if you are in need of footing or post replacements, fill out our contact form and we would be happy to help!

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